Introducing Stickers - a CG/L Calendar Webapp in development

Meet Stickers: a web application in current development that will hopefully create a location where littles and caretakers can create goals, monitor daily achievements in a fun setting, and reward positive behavior.

The idea is to enable stickers which represent positive behaviors, add them to the calendar during the day to represent positive achievements, tally them up and then cash them out for rewards with your caretaker.

It's currently pretty rough, but I'm actively working on it and I want to get some criticism and offer it in it's current state for littles and caretakers who have been looking for something like this. I'll be adding features all throughout alpha and beta so the service will be expanding and have a little something new every day to enjoy.

So if anyone is interested, feel free to take a look here at

I'm also reachable at if you have comments or questions.


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