Daily Life: A week in the Life of Little Alex: Day 1 (Saturday)

My caretaker is super far away right now, so I got to take care of myself.. and I do so as well as a kid can. I still gotta follow rules and stuff but I'll mention them here and there.

The weeks of my kid-life start on Saturdays. It's the first day off of the weekend and it provides a nice way to 'reset' everything back to normal.

The day starts with an alarm clock, set at the usual waking up time. I can sleep in a little if I want but it's better to get up and get ready for the day right?

I usually wake up in a soggy diaper. If it's not too wet, I'll relax in bed for a bit, maybe watch videos or cartoons. There's isn't too much of a rush soo I take it easy.

Once I decide to get up, I'll go brush my teeth and get ready for a bath of shower. I turn on the water and go get my clothes ready. I like laying my clothes out before I go into the shower. It's one of my favorite things to do. First I pick a diaper for the day. Then I pick some cute undies to go over the diaper. Next I'll pick a shirt, I really like Poke'mon and so I got a lot of pokemon shirts! Then some cute socks! And finally something to wear that covers my lower half! Maybe overalls or a skirt or skirtalls. Today it's gonna just be shorts! Oh and I got to get one last thing for my outfit. I got to pick a chastity cage!

So here's what's laid on my bed, as the shower runs in the background.

  • A thick tykables camelot diaper with a red dragon on it
  • A pair of red-trimmed briefs undies with little monkeys on them
  • An Eevee t-shirt
  • Some khaki colored shorts with a pokemon seat-belt buckle belt
  • Some matching pokemon gen1 starter socks
  • A small size pink and white chastity cage with the key and lock.

I like to let my caretaker know what I picked, sometimes I send him a picture or just message him. I change out of my soggy pants, grab my cage and key and take it into the shower. When I shower, my favorite scents are soft scents, fruits or flowers. I also like baby shampoo, the bedtime scent is my favorite! I take time to carefully wash my hair and my body. At the end of the shower, I put on my cage and set the pieces in place, and after I step out of the shower, I lock the cage. Cage is locked from now until next Friday night. Chastity is a part of day-to-day normal attire, so it's just something I wear. My caretaker has a real non-negotiable stance on chastity. I dry myself off and go to my bed to get dressed.

During my diaper change I pay special attention to all things, lotions and powders, got to be well protected from any rash or irritation. I tape up the diaper, then slip on my undies, then shorts and then shirt and socks. I put my belt on and I'm dressed. Next I go and brush my hair gently, to get the tangles out. There's some slight bulging from the diaper under my shorts but it's no big deal, no one will really notice.

Next I take my chastity cage key, there's an extra bigger key on it. It goes to a lock out plug. What does the lock out go to? The magic wand! (A buzzy toy!) I lock the magic wand and put it away. Then I place the keys in a special jar. Key is off-limits from here going forward.

Now clean and dressed I take time to do some big-kid responsibilities. Do some chores, make food, maybe go out and run errands.

The diapers and chastity are so normal and day to day that I often completely forget about them. I just use my diapers as needed and don't even think about it. Once chores and responsibilities are done, I get to playing video games? Which ones? Well I like a lot of them! And I'll do this all day, and check my chats and communications and spend the rest of the day relaxed and light hearted. I check myself throughout the day and change if I need to. (Though camelots might take a little longer than a typical diaper.)

After the day is done, I'll change into sleep wear. Sometimes it's just a shirt and diaper but sometimes I like to wear my nightie. And so I slip a nightie on. I don't like to go to bed wet, so I like a diaper change right before bed, with the same attention as the first diaper. I snuggle up with a plushie, watch some videos and then snooze. Sometimes I like to nom on my pacifier too when I'm in the mood.

And that's pretty much my Saturday! What do you think? Too complicated? Anyways thank you for reading. Stay tuned for day 2!



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