Little: Oh hello! I'm Alex!

I forgot I had this thing. Oh who am I? I'm Alex! I'm just a little with a little access to this little blog thingy. I guess I should introduce myself. Ummmm. Hi! I'm Alex! I'm a 30-something abdl who lives a lifestyle of a little kid when I don't have to be responsible for anything. I like to think my age is something like 7 in little space. (But I get told i'm littler than that sometimes.) I wear diapers most of the time. I love cute outfits, I super love colors and designs. I wear chastity most of the time too(Even if sometimes I really don't want to! Sometimes you gotta do stuff you don't always wanna do right?) Um. I consider myself non-binary, but I lean stronger toward the fem side of the spectrum, with a tiny bit of boyishness sprinkled in there somewhere. I don't care too much about pronouns so either one works. My favorite toy is my puppy plushie. I sleep with him in my bed every night! Hmmmm I don't know what else to say... so uh.. stay hydrated and rock on! I'll post something again soon!



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