Fluff: A Possible Workday Schedule

8:00 AM: Alarm rings quietly enough to only wake me up. I turn over in bed to find my little still snoozing soundly in his bright pink and white sleeper, having decided it would be a Daddy's bed night. I lean over and give him a check, finding him typically soggy, before pecking his cheek and wrapping my arms about his waist, waking him up slowly with snuggles over ten minutes.

8:10 AM: Covers come off and sleeper gets unzipped, it's my little one's first diaper change of the day. All the little aliens are gone in the front till halfway up the back, but that's to be expected. I untape the diaper and wipe him down, the cool morning air causing him to wiggle a bit as the wipes hit his somewhat delicate skin. I take special care to make sure his cage isn't too moist on the inside, and will possibly unlock him for a few moments to clean it out if I'm concerned. A new preschool diaper goes underneath his now clean tush, followed by destin around sensitive areas and powder front and back, making sure to rub in both sufficiently. With a quick tug up the front and a few tapes, he's all secured and ready to move on with the morning routine.

8:15 AM: I rezip up his sleeper for the time being to let him be as comfy as possible until as late as possible, before gently leading him by hand into the bathroom, making sure he brushes his teeth fully before I do mine. I make sure to do mine first so I can brush his hair while he does his, making it perfect for the day. Once satisfied, I'll lead him back and sit him on the bed, opening up the dresser to pick out a nice set of clothes for him for work. I pick out khaki shorts, a pokemon T-shirt featuring charmander, a nice button up with short sleeves, and soft soft mid length socks that are colorful. I help him out of the sleeper before pulling on the items one by one, making sure to go slow enough to give him a little affection here and there as I go, including a few kisses. I quickly pull on my clothes, which are pretty casual by most standards, before leading the both of us downstairs.

8:25 AM: Head downstairs for a quick breakfast. I quickly turn on the stove and heat up a pan, pouring some pancake mix from the fridge on the hot metal and creating a small stack for the both of us. I set out the plates on the table as my little one has already helped himself to a pre made bottle from the fridge while I worked. I cut up the pancakes on the little's place to be nice and bite size before applying syrup and setting the plate out on the table, letting him attempt to feed himself with a fork for today. I sit down with my own plate and make quick work of my food, sipping coffee and occasionally leaning over to wipe a bit of stray syrup off my little one's face.

8:45 AM: I open the rear door for my little one and let him hop in, before getting in the driver's seat myself. I pull out and quickly head into town to drop off my little at his work, waving goodbye and giving him a peck on the cheek as he waddles off to work, running a small shop in town. I then head off to my office and park out front, working an engineering job to pay for diapers. Throughout the day however we exchange texts back and forth, keeping in touch even though we're not together. We decide to have lunch in town at noon.

12:00 PM: I exit my office and hop into my car, heading to pick up my little. I park in front of his shop and smile as I see him excitedly head out to me as I stand beside my car. I greet him with a hug and a kiss, sneaking a quick check in front and back as we embrace, noting that he needs a change before the end of lunch. I lift my diaper bag out of the car and put it over my shoulder, letting him know what awaits him later on during lunch and eliciting a blush. I take gentle hold of his hand, before leading him down the street to a cafe we frequent.

12:10 PM: We enter the cafe and we get a table for two in the back corner, the cafe somewhat busy but quiet enough to give us our privacy. I open up the menu and offer three options to the little one, to which he removes one option, before I finally decide on the BLT for him, getting myself a turkey club. When the waitress comes, I order for the both of us, getting him a sprite as his drink and a coffee for myself. Ordering for him is commonplace, but it still elicits a small blush every time, which I enjoy a lot, and squeeze his hand under the table to let him know I noticed. We have small talk in the meantime about work and interests and goings ons as we wait.

12:25 PM: We receive the food, thanking the waitress, before I turn to my little's plate and take a knife off the table, removing the crust quickly and efficiently. I giggle as I then eat up happily, having a cutie blush a few feet away as I fill my tummy. Once we're both finished, I pay up for our meal, before taking his hand and leading him back to his work, currently empty without it's shopkeeper. I grin as we both head inside and to the back where, behind the register, I quickly lay out the little and begin his change, making him turn all sorts of colors as I wipe him down and swap diapers on the carpet, powdering him down and taping him up into a new preschool. With a quick redress and a kiss on the lips, I'm off once again, saying goodbye to my little until later in the day.

5:30 PM: I exit work after a long day, heading over to the shop and parking out front, heading in to spend time with my little as he finishes up work, teasing him quietly whenever the store is empty, and helping whenever there's too many, until closing time at six.

6:00 PM: I help him close up real quick, before leading my little out by hand to the car once the day has finally wrapped up. However, I'm tugged backwards as my little stands in the middle of the sidewalk, scrunching up his face a little and allowing a slight bend in his knees, clearly focusing on something very important for a split second. And a moment later, he's standing again and smiling. We both make eye contact and acknowledge what has just happened, before I open the door for him, pressing a soft kiss on his forehead, before whispering, "Let's get you home, little one~" I sit him in back with a bit of a squirm of opposition, before buckling him in myself. I then hop in the driver's seat and start the car, opening both mine and his windows, allowing for a crosswind and for his embarrassment to flourish.

6:10 PM: Once home, I open up his door and unbuckle him, standing and lifting him with a little effort out of the back, only able to do it every now and then and with his arms and legs fully around me. I unlock the door and carry him in, before laying him out on the sofa, pressing a soft kiss on his lips, before unbuttoning his shorts to assess the damage. Once I know what I'm working with, I head upstairs and get supplies, bringing it down and beginning work. I untape his diapers and wipe up amply front and back, the damage being not too bad, but definitely sizable. I wrap up the used diaper in a ball and swap it out for a new little paws diaper, before destining and powdering his tush up, taking special care to hit all the affected areas. Once satisfied I tape him up, pulling off his shoes and shorts afterwards as a reminder to his diapered state in the home, setting them in the laundry room for later. I then let him hop on his laptop to get reacquainted as I head to prepare dinner.

7:00 PM: Dinner is served. It's stirfry tonight, which my little sometimes bawks at due to the assortment of vegetables involved. However, I bribe him with a popsicle and it's like there was never even a problem. He makes short work of the meal, before he hops up and goes for a bottle. However, I stop him before he starts drinking, having finished my meal just as quick, and instead take his hand, leading him into the living room.

7:10 PM: I turn on the TV to Nick Jr., where Dora is playing reruns and set the volume low, before sitting down on the sofa and patting my lap. My little scrambles atop, where I gently lay him across my arms and rest his head in the crook of my elbow, taking the bottle he was holding with ease and instead teasing it at his lips myself. He latches on, having a good deal of practice at this point in time, and begins suckling up happily closing his eyes as he listens to the lull of preschool adventure on TV. I gently rub at his tummy as he suckles away, before hearing a soft hiss not even a minute in, smiling happily as the paws disappear on the front of his diaper before my very eyes.

7:30 PM: We're snuggling up at this point, before we decide it's time for a movie. I quickly turn the TV onto an old disney classic, Lady and the Tramp, letting the starting credits go as I suggest to my little that we build a pillow fort. As the beginning monologue starts, I aid him in building up the walls using pillows, the furniture, and blankets, before pausing the movie as I tell him to go grab three stuffed animals. He runs up and down the stairs as quick as lightning before producing his favorites: a teddy, a doggy, and slightly torn up monkey. I grin as I sit inside the fort and pat my lap, letting my little hop on before resuming the movie.

9:00 PM: I turn to my little and kiss the top of his head, having dozed a bit in my lap as the movie continued to the end, gently rubbing his tummy in an effort to wake him up, before standing up and helping him up myself. I then lead him up the stairs, as it's time to start preparing for bed. It's for the first time in the day that we enter his room, which could be confused for the room of someone much younger, with a changing table, dresser, and convertible crib bed, with all the fixins of bean bag chairs and stuffed animals and toys scattered about. I help him up his changing table, before beginning to undress him down to nothing, giggling softly as he sits there only donning his cage, before I do the same myself, taking all of our clothes and setting them in hamper. I then take him by the hand and lead him to the bathroom.

9:10 PM: Every other night we take a bath, so tonight it's bath night. I turn on the water flow and block up the drain, letting it fill with warm water, testing temperature as the level goes up. I then add baby bubble bath, not minding the scent for myself, and knowing how important it is for him. I then gently help my little in, before going in myself, lowering in and letting him sit in front of me in the tub, taking a washcloth and tending to him from head to toe. After wiping us both down, I move to shampoo, taking a cup and using it as an aid as I wet his hair and shampoo him down, making sure to cover his eyes for him in the process. Once everything is done and he's tired of being bathed sufficiently, I stand us both up, wrapping him in a towel first, before doing myself, emptying the tub as we exit the bathroom.

9:30 PM: I lead him into his bedroom once again, patting the changing table. Bedtime coming means space diapers, which I quickly diaper him up in, powdering him up an extra amount for overnight. Once satisfied, I help him down and begin dressing him up, deciding today on a light blue onesie. I help him in it, pulling it over his head like a shirt and securing it, before taking his favorite paci, a light blue one with a paw on the hilt and a white strap, and secure it to his collar, pressing the paci between his lips.

9:40 PM: I take him by my hand and lead him into my room where I strip the towel off and pull on boxers, jammie pants, and an oversized tshirt on, wrapping him in a tight hug and giving him a big kiss on the forehead.

9:45 PM: We head back to the bathroom where I once again supervise him brushing his teeth, giving his hair a soft brush before bedtime. Once satisfied, I lead him back to his nursery, having decided it's a crib night tonight for my little one. I lower the wall, letting him hop in, before pulling up the side. He whines because his best friends are downstairs, so I run down and up to go grab them, lowering them in his crib to put him at ease.

10:00 PM: Time for bed. He's in his crib, snuggled up, tired, and ready for sleep. However, little ones need a bedtime story. Tonight I decide to read puss and boots, picking the small book off the shelf and sitting beside the crib in a bean bag, lowering the lights before I do. I slowly read through it, making all the voices of the various characters (badly more than likely). By the time I close the book he's fast asleep in bed, tuckered out from the day. I turn on the monitor, make sure the night light is working, and close the door to a crack, before heading out, working on any adult tasks that need to be completed before my own sleep.

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